Wow . . . those dresses and shirts are not just beautiful . . . they are charming, colorful, well-stitched and dazzling. Our kids are going to fight over them! Thank you. It will be a real test to decide who gets these first.

Dr. Faiz R.Good News India - India

What you are doing makes a HUGE difference. You are exchanging rags for lovely clothes. This gives HOPE and DIGNITY. Thank you for the work you and your volunteers are doing.

Ben S.Children’s Hope Chest - Swaziland

I was amazed at what I saw when I opened the package of dresses and shirts. You have a unique ministry. We have been talking a lot about using whatever gifts we have for His glory, and this is such a wonderful example.

Linda M.Cossette’s Hope Children’s Home – Cambodia

I received your box and the outfits are so cute. It choked me up knowing how the kids are going to be touched. Your ministry is also a big encouragement for us all.”

Bob H.Mission Servants Ministry - Kenya

When my staff and I opened the boxes we were so excited to see the most darling dresses we’ve ever seen! And colorful. . . We love them.

Nathan T.Asia’s Little Ones – Philippines

All the children are excited and some can’t sleep because they are overjoyed. They never have had new dresses and T-shirts. They all are very excited and so happy. They never get like very excellent dresses – this is the first time.

Richard K.Agape Children’s Hoe – Myanmar

Wow! We just received the darling and beautifully hand crafted outfits for the children. Of all the donations we have received, these are by far the highest quality.

Monica J.King’s Garden Children’s Home – Philippines

Norah was so thrilled with her special dress that she refused to take it off! She wore it 24/7 for several days before one of the women insisted she take it off so it could be laundered. Once it was dry, it went right back on!!

Kareen D.Breath of Heaven Children’s Village – Zambia

We appreciate you for the love you showed to orphans and it has really caused a great change in their lives.

Adong W.Ladder Ministries - Uganda

We are grateful to God for giving us a caring and loving Gramma like you. Thank you very much for the beautiful dresses and shirts you made for us. We love the designs and they are special to us because you made them.

Nigordy, Susan, Janeba, Josephine, Masseth, Esther, Alice, Adama and Hawa Banta Children’s Home - Sierra Leone