Dan and Darlene

Darlene Carpenter

The founder and director of Dresses for Orphans is Darlene Carpenter. She was raised in a Christian home on a wheat and cattle ranch in Montana. After graduating from college, she served on the staff of a church in Denver, Colorado, and while there, she met and married Dan, a young seminary student. They have ministered together for over 45 years through evangelistic crusades, family musical concerts and marriage and parenting seminars. More recently, their focus has been redirected to the orphan crisis and what can be done to bless these vulnerable children.

The Carpenters moved to Phoenix, Arizona with the intention of beginning the process of retiring. However, they have found that retiring from ‘paid employment’ and retiring from ministry are two different things!

Darlene has long had a burden to do things to benefit children. She is also an excellent seamstress and so Dresses for Orphans became a natural way to combine her two passions.

Dan and Darlene (aka Gramma C.) have three grown children and nine grandchildren.

What Other’s Say About Darlene

Darlene has the ability to motivate and encourage women. I am amazed how she is able to lead all of these women with love and tenderness. She is a born leader.

Connie M.

Darlene Carpenter is a special individual giving of herself to others. Children throughout the world have been blessed through her accomplishments.

Jerrelyn R.

Darlene Carpenter is a selfless woman with a deep passion for the world's orphans. There is a true family feeling at Dresses for Orphans, a direct result of her leadership.

Jan G.

Darlene is a loving, caring woman. She has given all her volunteers a purpose. I am one of those volunteers and I am most grateful for her. She is my ‘HERO’.

Mary Jane S.

This is the best organized group I have ever worked with, and that is because of Darlene. She has a devotional each week and a prayer of encouragement for all of us. In a word, she is amazing.

Donna J.