Dresses For Orphans

Dresses For Orphans is a volunteer, nonprofit ministry that sews specially made dresses and shirts for orphans worldwide. These new, free outfits are provided for children in traditional orphanages or involved in orphan ministries.

The Purpose

The purpose of Dresses For Orphans is three-fold.

  • To give an orphan a dress or shirt that has been specially made just for them, is new and is something they can keep for themselves
  • To make that child feel cared for, special and loved
  • To increase the child’s sense of self-worth – that he or she is a worthy individual
A Spiritual Impact

A spiritual impact is encouraged by the tag on the sleeve of each outfit.

It says, ‘Hearts ‘n Hugs for Kids’ and ‘Jesus Loves Me!’ This tag is to remind the children every time they wear the dress or shirt that Jesus loves them and they are special in His sight.

Each child also receives a little card from ‘Gamma C.’ that says ‘This gift as made especially for you because you are a very special person. I pray that you will grow to always love and serve Jesus!’

In addition, when giving the children their dresses and shirts, the on-site director is encouraged to show the parallel of these free gifts to the free gift of salvation.

Outfits Are Made

Outfits are made by over 110 volunteers.

Outfits are made by over 110 volunteers in Arizona, Ohio, North Dakota and South Dakota. Most of these women are retired and many are widows who come from a wide variety of backgrounds such as a teacher, FBI agent, pilot, librarian, secretary, sales women, and of course, homemakers and mothers. By working together to bless others, they have found a special bond, friendship and fellowship.
Outfits Arrive Overseas

Outfits arrive overseas through contacts in the United States.

The on-site orphanage director requests the number of outfits and provides the numbers and sizes needed to Dresses for Orphans. After the outfits are made, they are shipped to the U.S. contact who in turn is responsible to get them to the intended receiver. This is usually done when an individual or group goes on a mission trip to that area.
Funding Comes From

Our funding comes from financial gifts.

Our funding comes from the financial gifts of people who believe Dresses for Orphans is making a difference in the lives of children around the world! As a nonprofit ministry, all gifts are tax deductible.