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The Love Bank Fundraiser for Churches

A Heart for Missions can be Achieved with The Love Bank Missions Program

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The Love Bank

What is the Program?

The Love Bank Missions Program is a part of Dresses for Orphans, a nonprofit ministry that sews specially made dresses and shirts for orphans worldwide. Learn more about the Love Bank Fundraiser when you're looking for a Missions fundraiser.

They work with Christian organizations or individuals in the United States who deliver these FREE outfits to the children in their care both in and out of orphanages.

This program offers the church a way to partner with them in providing these outfits. The Love Bank is a fundraising effort that helps families become involved in ministry while benefiting the ministry of Dresses for Orphans.

The next generation of missionaries will come through the work of adults who are passionately giving children a heart for ministry. Together as believers we have the awesome privilege of inspiring children to take on a missions and ministry mindset.

Download These Promotional Materials for Your Event:

What this Program Means for the...


  • Presents a simple program for families
  • Provides a tangible outreach tool
  • Ignites enthusiasm for ministry


  • Instills sensitivity to needs of others
  • Creates a worthy family project
  • Encourages a ministry mindset


  • Develops awareness of needs of orphans
  • Accepts opportunity to do something
  • Experiences making a difference

The Love Bank can be Used for

  • Vacation Bible School
  • Sunday School
  • Youth Group
  • Orphan Sunday (November 4, 2012)
  • Christian School
  • Home School Families Group
  • Retail Outlets
  • Awana Club
  • Christmas Project
  • Family Project
  • Small Groups and others...

5 Steps to Implement Program

  1. Designate a person to be in charge*
  2. Place an order for the Love Banks
  3. Set a date for the banks to be returned
  4. Give banks out with instructions to fill with coins
  5. Count the money and send a check to Dresses for Orphans


Contact us to learn more

Darlene Carpenter
Dresses for Orphans
3055 N. Red Mountain #133
Mesa, Arizona 85207-1061
Phone: 480-807-2672

*Detailed instructions will be sent with the Love Banks

Note: 100% of all funds raised goes to buy supplies to make the dresses and shirts.

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