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About Dresses for Orphans - Making New Outfits for Girls and Boys

Darlene and Dan CarpenterDresses for Orphans began in October 2008, and grew out of more than 40 years in ministry. Dan and Darlene Carpenter have served the Lord through their work with organizations like the Billy Graham Association, Walk Thru the Bible and International Prison Ministry. Their personal focus on marriage and the family was evident in the MarriagePlan Seminars they presented together. Darlene also taught Creative Parenting Workshops in churches across the country and wrote the book "Spiritual Nurturing - How to Help Your Child Grow Spiritually." The Carpenters published this book and sold over 50,000 copies to churches.  More recently, their focus has been redirected to the orphan crisis and providing new outfits for girls and boys in orphanages around the world.  

The Carpenters moved to Phoenix, Arizona with the intention of beginning the process of retiring. However, they have found that retiring from 'paid employment' and retiring from ministry are two different things!

Darlene has long had a burden to do things to benefit children. She is also an excellent seamstress and so Dresses for Orphans became a natural way to combine her two passions.

Dan and Darlene (aka Gramma C.) have three grown children and nine grandchildren (7 girls and 2 boys).

The purpose of Dresses for Orphans is four-fold

  1. to give an orphan a dress or shirt that has been specially made just for them, is new, and is something they can keep for themselves
  2. to make that child feel cared for, special and loved
  3. to increase the child's sense of self worth - that they are worthy individuals
  4. to remind them every time they wear the dress or shirt that Jesus loves them and they are special in His sight

About our Specially Made Dresses and Shirts

These specially made dresses and shirts for kids 4 years old and older are provided FREE for orphanages to give to the girls and boys in their care. Each dress and shirt has a tag sewn on the sleeve reminding the child that Jesus Loves Me! They also receive a gift card with a message from Darlene. The outfits are given to the children through organizations or individuals in the United States who deliver them to the children in their care both in and out of orphanages.

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